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what have i become  by Lacresan what have i become :iconlacresan:Lacresan 0 0
Button Nose (Armin x Reader)
You couldn’t stop staring.
The thing was that he never realized it himself, you supposed. How could a boy so smart be so oblivious about such a discernable feature? Geez, he never had a clue.
His button nose.
You straightened up a bit on your position on the sofa you were sharing with your boyfriend and scooted a bit closer to him. Purest boy alive, you’d say. He was holding a book close to his face, his ocean blue eyes following the lines at a relatively slow pace, enjoying the relaxation and comfort of having a book stuck up to his face and you snuggled up to his side. But he didn’t know that while he was reading, his girlfriend was contemplating something else, nor did he notice the look on your face when you stared at his nose from a fair distance.
Only when you leaned into him did he realize you had something on your mind.
“(F - F/n)?” he stuttered, confusion clear in his voice.
“Your nose…” you said, putting a hand on his cheek and
:iconlacresan:Lacresan 2 3
what'cha lookin' at? by Lacresan what'cha lookin' at? :iconlacresan:Lacresan 2 0 lionhearted by Lacresan lionhearted :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 EMA by Lacresan EMA :iconlacresan:Lacresan 11 0
Sweeter Than Fiction (Armin x Reader) Songfic
Hit the ground, hit the ground, hit the ground, oh oh
Only sound, only sound, that you hear is “No”
You never saw it coming
Slipped when you started running
And now you’ve come undone and I, I, I, I
His muscles stiffened so as to brace himself for the impact as he bit the dust, once again. His arms and shoulders were severely aching, and he was trying his best to pull himself together despite the painfully stinging abrasions running down the length of his right forearm.
You flipped him down. You - a female, the supposedly weaker sex, shorter than him by an inch or two - literally flipped him down in only the first few minutes of training.
That sure would leave a scar, physically and mentally.
“Gosh, Armin, are you okay?!” you exclaimed as you rushed to his side. Grabbing his arm and throwing it over your shoulder, you helped him get to his feet. “I didn’t mean to! I mean, I did, since it was supposed to
:iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0
Have a nice day y'all! by Lacresan Have a nice day y'all! :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 Moves Like Jaeger by Lacresan Moves Like Jaeger :iconlacresan:Lacresan 4 6 Felicie Milliner from Ballerina by Lacresan Felicie Milliner from Ballerina :iconlacresan:Lacresan 7 0 EMA by Lacresan EMA :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 Roses and Mikasa Ackerman by Lacresan Roses and Mikasa Ackerman :iconlacresan:Lacresan 2 0 A Sleeping Cutie by Lacresan A Sleeping Cutie :iconlacresan:Lacresan 3 0 you cute jerk by Lacresan you cute jerk :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 dude ur ripped i RIP by Lacresan dude ur ripped i RIP :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 Have some aesthetical cuties by Lacresan Have some aesthetical cuties :iconlacresan:Lacresan 1 0 That thing, but colored by Lacresan That thing, but colored :iconlacresan:Lacresan 6 0




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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a mediocre brat who's too tired to live in reality so I come here and dump loads of trashes into my gallery. I'm a 14-yr-old intellectual dork.

A writer, an artist and a blogger. Check out my stuff if you're interested, buddies.

Requests are welcome!

Fav quotes:
"Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10.30 at night with a new idea, or because they realized something that shoots holes in how we've been thinking about a problem." - Steve Jobs
"Someday the people that didn't believe in you will tell everybody how they met you" - Johnny Deep
"You're beating me up because you know I'm right and you can't prove me wrong." - Armin Arlert from Shingeki no Kyojin
"You're committing a deadly sin against humanity by stepping on its right to live" - Hanji Zoe from Shingeki no Kyojin
"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." - Martin Luther King, Jr
"In the past, people were born loyal. Nowadays, royalty comes form what you do." - Gianni Versace

Check out my Tumblr page, a lot of cooler stuff are there:


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